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Pravin D. Potdar

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Educational & Research Centre, India

Title: Latest Innovation in Molecular Technologies for Cancer Diagnosis & Precision Medicine

Firoz Ahmad

Unipath Specialty Laboratory Ltd, India

Title: The integration of high-end genomics in the management of hematolgical malignancies: The Big Picture!

Mohamed Said AboHoussien

Al_Azhar Unevirsity, Egypt

Title: Shotgun Metagenomics Data Analysis: Deciphering Gut Microbiota And Breast Cancer

Demet Sag

Genome2Life, USA

Title: Women Health with Regenerative Medicine

Anusha Nawoor

C-Lab International Ltd, C-Care, Mauritius

Title: Implementation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Precision Medicine in Oncology for the first time in a private hospital in Mauritius.

Jonathan Scolnick

Singleron Biotechnologies, Singapore

Title: TBA

Amal Thommil

Decibio, USA

Title: The Landscape of MRD in Solid Tumors

Bernd Blobel

University of Regensburg, Germany

Title: Managing Healthcare Transformation Towards Personalized, Preventive, Predictive, Participative Precision Medicine Ecosystems

Andreanna Rainville

SNiP Nutrigenomics Kenmore WA, USA

Title: Integrating Nutrigenomics and Molecular Diagnostics: A Pathway to Personalized Healthcare

Marjan Assefi

Marie Curie Science Research Center, USA

Title: Importance of good Leadership in Healthcare

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